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Hello and welcome to Ability of Love


Saturday, 4 July, 2015 - 14:00 to 16:45

Advaita is one of the major philosophical views that proposes the essential Oneness of all things. Many great thinkers and mystics were seeing themselves as advatias - Blavatsky said that Theosophy too was fundamentally an advaita or non-dual approach to the world. We will examine whether Christianity contemplated advaita as much as Buddhism and Hinduism did. But advaita is more than just abstract metaphysics, it is also a spiritual path and practice, and in this talk we will try to get a taste of how does it feel to walk the path of non-duality. 



In recent decades, especially in America, a new approach called Intelligent Design is vigorously fighting for its place in the educational curriculum. The proponents of this outlook are Christians who accept the possibility of the biological, Darwinian evolution, but propose that on the fundamental level evolution is guided by Divine Providence.

What often is not well understood is how fundamentalism can shape society and entire civilisations by conditioning the economic and political structures in such a way that collective irresponsible behaviour becomes the norm which so many take for granted.

Why would any material dynamic system, like biological, want to survive? Elements of the system like atoms and other particles are surviving for eternity as indestructible matter and energy. What difference makes to these elements if they would be in a form of an animal or dust when they are already eternal?