Money in the head

What if money is only in the head and not real at all? If I photocopy my letter the copy is still my letter, but if I photocopy money, however good the copy, it is not money any more. Material of which money is made does not seem to be important; it can be paper, metal, plastic or a number in computer memory. So what is that binds all these manifestation of money together? There is no money in nature only within human society, resulting from our agreement about its value. Money, therefore, is a commonly perceived idea.

Money the root of all evil?!

Idea + Will = Energy If money is an idea then how an idea can possibly be selfish on its own? Only the will behind can make it so. Money is energy and as such can be used for good or bad, depending what the owner believes to be the meaning of life. But, in truth, money cannot be just for my own needs, because without society there would not be me. It is society that has provided me with an opportunity to be a human being. The purpose of money, therefore, is to improve one’s life and society at the same time.
Business as usual ?

Money and business are social phenomena and as all social phenomena they are organic and creative in their essence. Method and discipline are of course required, but if business is too mechanical it will oppress both the workers and customers. Today business uses mass-media and aggressive marketing to project its ideas and create ‘virtual’ needs in population. This practice diminishes society because it is oppressive in nature and reduces human being into an obsessive consumer.

Can I trouble you for one million dollars?

About me: my name is Christian and to be honest I am bored to death with being poor. I want to be rich… I've had enough! You may ask what I’ve got to give in order to be rewarded by high income? Well, do I really need to be very special at all? I can hire creative people to provide novelties and wise advisors to help me make decisions. Well educated secretaries can write letters for me and so on…

It cannot possibly be that difficult to run a big corporation if I can have a holiday every month on a tropical island, have a perfect accommodation, best food on the planet, best healthcare and everybody treating me well.

The running of a country like USA, which is the most powerful and complex nation in the world, must be very, very difficult, and one can speculate that only a genius could do that job, yet it is run by George Bush! So, if George Bush can run a country like USA then certainly I, who was able to compile this website, can run a global corporation!

If you are rich

please change my state of boredom caused by the monotonous and uninspiring poverty. Realise that I am a lost sheep, that I really belong to your species, the species of the rich. Nature sometimes makes mistakes, I think I was born in a wrong class. Please correct this misfortune by giving me some liquid cash.
And hurry, impecuniosity is not that attractive any more...

If you are poor

well brother, you probably like me struggle to pay the bills. And the bills are getting bigger, because ‘gentlemen’ want more money. We cannot question Capitalism, for we may be accused of being ‘anarchists’ and fighting against ‘liberty’. Maybe in three decades, when all Earth recourses are exhausted and the eco system has collapsed, we will seriously question it, or perhaps the last surviving bacteria will question it?

5 rules how to get rich

Rule 1
You have to be humorous, creative and crazy to let it happen. Remember that your life, while achieving a goal, is more important than the goal itself, for any goal can only be a motivator. Look for money but be care-free at the same time.

Rule 2
You need to give something to others in order to receive something back. Rock stars, for example, sing to great many people, who in return make them rich by buying their albums. If a million people give you just one dollar, you will be a millionaire. Think about your skills, talents and circumstances. What have you got to give?
Not sure at the moment, feel mediocre? Don't worry, passion creates talent.

Rule 3
You may not be a very important person, you may not be super educated, you may not live in comfortable circumstances, but nothing can stop your creativity if you set your desire upon the task and let the mind come up with a bold idea. Science has discovered that anyone who intellectually challenges one’s own mind will stimulate the brain to build new neural pathways and increase in complexity. This means that your creative abilities are matter of your will, of your choice and limited not to your present capacities. Nobody can tell you what your limits are - trust in your own abilities.

Rule 4
You actually have to work hard, especially in the beginning. I know, this part is not that attractive. There are many people with a dream but don’t do much to achieve it. One has to take an appropriate action and apply some method and will. Luck favours the brave – well, maybe not the too brave.

Rule 5
Do not exploit anybody. Oops! But how then shell we get rich you may ask! The answer is in making richer communities rather than accumulating extreme wealth in one’s hands. After all, every good businessman knows that the real thrill of business is being an active part in plentiful activities which bring visible and beneficial results. This is more important than having a hefty account in the bank, for what is the use of money if there is nobody to share it with? Money cannot give us happiness on its own; only the relationship with other people can do that.  So sharing can make us all much richer than greedy ownership - richer in a sense of richer life and healthier planet.

Game - 'AI' Fortune Teller

Ask yourself "should I get rich(er)?" and click on the top cube first. Then click on appropriate cubes below.

The Stock Market

How does the stock market work? Many feel that the intricacies of the world financial system are almost incomprehensible. However there are some simple governing principles which explain the essence of the market; the main one is the greed for profit.

Those who are in position of power, such as business bosses, enjoy their democratic right to take much greater share of earnings than their co-workers. The management of corporations therefore gets rich while the people who actually carry the work for the company get only enough to get by. So the owners and directors of the company accumulate enough wealth to have very comfortable lives.

The majority of those who get more money instead to think how to help their community prefer to “invest” or should we say land their money to get even richer. So here is the stock market – a place where “gentlemen” gamble their money in a sophisticated way, driven by greed and fear of loss. The money is concentrated in the hand of few who play the stock markets while the majority of population around the world, called “losers”, slowly fall in debt.

The energy of all people working in the world today is directed into the stock market. Money represents the energy of our creative endeavor and this energy at present is being insanely wasted, because of the lack of sharing. Man is being turned into a battery to fuel the Matrix - the Stock Market. But is this the best that democracy can do? No, we can create a much better world - we do have the ability.

“What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason!
how infinite in faculties! in form and moving how express and admirable!
in action how like an angel!
in apprehension how like a god!
the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals!" ~ Shakespeare